arrangements and orchestrations

Shenandoah (1973) T solo, TTBB a cappella

Schuetz: Bringt Her dem Herren (1973) 2 Unison Choirs or Soloists, Organ. English text: To God the Father by Robert Ross (based on Psalm 29:1-2)

Hymn Fantasia: CORONATION (1976) Brass sextet, timpani, congregation, organ. Transcribed for Orchestra (2-2-2-2 2-2-0-0, ty, org, str) 1994
Second orchestral transcription plus added SATB a cappella verse added 2010.

Scherzo: VENITE ADOREMUS (1976) Unison chorus, 2 oboes, 2 trumpets, strings

Hymn Fantasia: LYRA DAVIDICA (1977, rev. 1978, second revision 1983) Brass (0-3 [3rd opt.]-2-1), Timpani (4 or 2), Congregation, Organ Third revision 1988 for Orch (2-2-2-2 2-2-0-0, ty, org, str)
Fourth revision/second orchestral transcription 2010.

Hymn Fantasia: VICTORY (1978, rev. 1987; 2nd rev. 2001) Brass Ensemble, Timpani, Congregation, Organ

Hymn Fantasia: PUER NOBIS (1978, rev. 1981) Brass Quartet, Congregation, Organ 2nd rev. for orchestra w/o organ 1998. 3rd rev. for Brass Quartet, Congregation,
Organ (1999, based on 2nd rev., 1998)

Hymn Fantasia: STUTTGART (1978) Congregation, orchestra (0-2-0-0 0-2-0-0, org, str)
Transcribed for Brass ensemble, congregation & organ, 1982
Second transcription/reconstruction Brass quintet, organ, timpani 2011.

Hymn Fantasia: VENI, EMMANUEL (1978) Congregation, Orch (0-2-0-0 0-2-0-0, org, str)
Transcribed for Brass Ensemble, Congregation & Organ, 1983. Short version for use as
Introit or for Advent Wreath ceremonies, 2001

Arbeau: Basse Danse Jouyssance Vous Donneray (1979) Brass sextet, drum, organ

Hymn Fantasia: DARWALL (1980, rev. 1986) Brass quintet, congregation, organ

Hymn Fantasia: MACCABEUS (1980, rev. 1986) congregation, orchestra (0-2-0-0 0-2-0-0, ty, org, str)
Second revision 1988 for Orch (2-2-2-2 2-2-0-0, ty, org, str)
Third revision 1996 for brass (0-3-2-1), ty, org

Hymn Fantasia: DIX (1980; rev. 1997) Brass quintet, congregation, organ

William Dickey: Benedictus (1980) SAB, Organ

Seven Carol Favorites (1980) Four Violins or other treble instruments

Hymn Fantasia: ST. KEVIN (1981) Congregation, brass (0-3-2-1), timpani, organ
Revision 2008 for congregation, brass quartet, timpani, organ

Hymn Fantasia: LANCASHIRE (1982) Congregation, 3 trumpets, organ
Revised 1986 for 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, organ
Second Revision 1988 for orch (2-2-2-2 2-2-0-0, org, str)

Un'taneh Tokef
(1983; rev. 1999) Liturgical Sequence for Cantor (T), SATB a cappella. Compiled from various sources

S'u Sh'areem (1983) Chassidic melody, arr. for SA(T)B a cappella

Holst: In the Bleak Mid-Winter
(1983) 16 Handbells

Kaddish Shalem
(1983) (Chassidic melody att. Rosenblatt & Koussevitsky); Cantor (T), SATB a cappella or with Keyboard

Hymn Fantasia: PSALM 42 (1983) Brass quintet and drum

Hymn Fantasia: ANTIOCH (1983; rev. 1995) Brass quintet, congregation, organ. (2nd revision 1998 for str. & organ; 3rd revision 2001 for exp. orchestra)

Billings: Easter Anthem (1984) Brass sextet (for use alone or with chorus)

Gaudeamus Igitur (1984) 2 part equal or mixed chorus, Brass quintet and/or organ (may also be used without chorus)
Revised and expanded 1997 for SATB, large brass ensemble, organ & percussion
Expansion commissioned by California Institute of Technology Glee Clubs, Monica J. Hubbard, director, for the inauguration of President David Baltimore, March, 1998

Al Hanisim (1984) SAB, Brass quintet, keyboard, electric bass, drums, optional guitar. Text in Hebrew.
Revised 1999 for SA(T)B, same instrumentation

Deutsche Magnificat (1984) Cantor (Mz or Bar), SATB and/or Organ, Congregation. German and English texts.

Hymn Fantasia: DIADEMATA (1986) Congregation, Orch (0-2-0-0 2-2-0-0, ty, org, str)
Revised 1989 for Orch (2-2-2-2 2-2-0-0, ty, org, str)
Second revision 1989 for 2 trumpets, tympani, organ, strings
Third orchestral transcription 2010.

Hymn Fantasia: ENGELBERG (1986) SATB, congregation, orch (0-2-0-0 2-2-0-0, ty, org, str)

Hymn Fantasia: MELITA (1986) SATB, congregation, organ

Hymn Fantasia: EIN FESTE BURG (1986) SATB, Brass quintet, organ, congregation

Fantasia on MAOZ TZUR (1986) SATB, organ, orch (2-2d1-0-1 2-0-0-0, ty, org, str)
Expanded 2007 for symphony orchestra without organ

Mozart: Dona Nobis Pacem (Amen, Grant Us Peace, Lord) from Mass in C, K.V. 337 (1986) SAB, keyboard and SATB, keyboard

Handel: Lord of Mercy (from Joshua) (1986) SATB, keyboard

Bach: Verleih' uns Frieden (O Grant Us Thy Most Perfect Peace) (from Cantata BWV 42) (1986) SATB, optional keyboard

Cherubini: Gloria
(from Missa Solemnis #2 in D) (1986) SATB, keyboard

Zulehner (?): Gloria (from "Twelfth Mass") (formerly attributed to Mozart) (1986) SAB, keyboard; (1990) SATB, keyboard

Billings: Easter Anthem (1987) SAB a cappella, optional Organ and/or Brass Quartet or Quintet

Hymn Anthem: WAYNE (1987) SATB, Congregation, Organ. Tune by CCW Sparks. Text: O God Our Help in Ages Past by Isaac Watts Version for strings, organ & congregation (without choir) 2001

Faure: Unto Thee, Almighty Lord (after Pavane, op. 50) (1987) SATB, Keyboard ("ghost commission" for Walter Ehret)

Handel: Be Ye Sure
(from Utrecht Jubilate) (1987) SATB, Keyboard ("ghost commission" for Walter Ehret)

Bates: America the Beautiful (1987; rev. 1995) TTBB, Organ

Handel: The Heavens Declare (from Joshua) (1987) SATB, Keyboard and SAB, Keyboard

Tchaikovsky: Solemn Prelude (from Serenade for Strings, op. 48) (1987) Organ solo

Handel: Let the Whole Earth Stand (from Chandos Anthem 4a) (1987) SATB, Keyboard

Mahler: Lord of Mercy (from Symphony #1) (1987) SATB, Tympani (original text; written under pseudonym "J. Huntingdon Lounsbury")

Handel: The Earth Shall Rejoice
(from Coronation Anthem #3) (1987) SATB, Keyboard or Orchestra (0-2-0-[1] 0-2-0-0, ty, org/hpschd, str) (under pseudonym "Martin Davidson")

Reger: The Virgin's Slumber Song (1987) versions for SATB, SAB, SSA and 2-part with flute and keyboard or harp.
Version for above voicings with orchestra (1999): Flute solo, harp (or keyboard), strings

Hymn Fantasia: AUSTRIAN HYMN (1988) Congregation, Orchestra (2-2-2-2 2-2-0-0, org, str) Revised 1989 for 2 trumpets, timpani, organ, strings

Pachelbel: Psalm 150 (after on Kanon in D) (1988) SAB, Keyboard (under pseudonym "Arthur Marsden")

Wohlberg: Yismechu (1989) SSATB, Organ

Telemann: Amen, Lob und Ehre (1989) SATB, continuo (under pseudonym "Martin Davidson")

Voices of Freedom (1989) Multi-media oratorio for SATB, soloists, keyboards, soprano and alto saxophones (one player), and percussion. Compiled and arranged from Central
American and South African sources, incorporating excerpts from Missa Criolla by
Ariel Ramirez and African Sanctus by David Fanshawe. Texts compiled from the
writings of Archbishop Oscar Romero, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Simon Farasani, and
the peoples of El Salvador and South Africa.

Cancion de Protesta Salvadorena (1989) SATB, T solo, piccolo, keyboard(s). Arranged for multi-media theater piece, Voices of Freedom

Enviado Soy de Dios (Nicaraguan Prayer Song) (1989) SATB, keyboard(s), Percussion. Arranged for multi-media theater piece, Voices of Freedom

Open the Window, Noah (spiritual) (1989) SATB, soli a cappella

Taule: Toda la Tierra (1989) SATB a cappella

Bach: Zion Hort die Wachter Singen (from Cantata BWV 140) (1989) SATB, str, continuo (under pseudonym "Martin Davidson")

Hymn-Anthem: HERALD (1990) SATB, Organ. Tune by Sue Mitchell-Wallace. Text: Welcome the Wild One by Brian Wren

Hymn-Anthem: KING L. M. (Now in the Name of God) (1990) SATB div, Congregation, Organ. Tune by David Hurd. Text: A Hymn for Baptism by Fred Kaan, alt. by Robert Ross

Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair (1991) SATB, S solo, celtic harp

Hymn-Fantasia: ST. CHRISTOPHER (1992) Congregation, strings, organ

Hymn-Fantasia: BOHEMIAN BRETHEREN (1992) Congregation, strings, organ

Hymn-Fantasia: IN BABILONE (1993) Brass quintet, organ, congregation

God's Love Story (1993) SATB, solo woodwind, organ. (withdrawn) Based on two tunes for "Barbara Allen." Text by Stephen D. Jones

Amazing Grace (Sacred Harp) (1995) SSAATTBB a cappella

Rhapsody on Anglo-American Ballad Tunes (1995) String orchestra and piano or chamber orchestra. Adapted from God's Love Story (1993)

Carol-Fantasia: MIDNIGHT CLEAR
(1995) Brass Quintet, Organ, Congregation Revised 1999 for Orchestra, Organ, Congregation

Jesus Rose (Sacred Harp) (1996) SSAATTBB a cappella

Hymn-Fantasia/Medley: BEECHER and HYFRYDOL (1996) Trumpet, organ, congregation

A Centennial Anthem (1996) SATB, organ, opt. congregation. Adaptation of Hymn-Anthem on WAYNE to text O God Who Measures Human Time by Richard D. Jones.

Carol-Fantasia: GLORIA (Angels We Have Heard on High) (1996) Brass quintet, organ, congregation. (Rev. 1998 for Str. & organ; 2nd revision 2001 for expanded orchestra)

Arrangements for Phi Mu Alpha Centennial Songbook (1997): (All TTBB a cappella & made in 1996 unless otherwise noted):

Matthew T. Aimone: Beloved Sinfonia
H.A. Clarke: United Stand
Ralph Howard Pendleton: Light Your Pipe
William Stickles: Farewell to You, My Brothers (Text: H.A. Hill)
Clifton Williams: Men of Song (with Lawrence Burnett) TTBB, keyboard or concert band (Text: Alan E. Adams)
The Star Spangled Banner
America the Beautiful

Max Janowski: Sim Shalom (1997) Cantor (Tenor), SATB a cappella. Orchestration (2008) 1-1-1-1 1-1-1-0, timps.,org.,str.

Hymn-Fantasia: WINCHESTER NEW (1997) Congregation, 2 ob, hrn, bsn, strings, organ.
Rev. 1998 for 2 fl, 2 ob, cl, hrn, 2 trpts., str., org.

Maoz Tzur (1997) SATB a cappella

Hazzan Hamid Dardashti: V'sham'ru (1998) Cantor, SATB a cappella

Eric Mandell: Ahavat Olam (1998) Cantor, SATB a cappella

Traditional & Nusach: Mi Chamocha/V'ne-emar (1998) Cantor, SATB a cappella

Carol-Fantasia: ST. LOUIS (O Little Town of Bethlehem) (1998)
Orchestra: (2)-2-(1)-(1); 0-2-0-0, Str., Organ, Choir, Congregation.
Rev. 1999 for Brass quintet, organ, choir, congregation
2nd revision for exp. orchestra 2001

Carol-Fantasia: IN DULCI JUBILO (Good Christian Men, Rejoice) (1998) Orchestra:
(2)-2-(1)-(1); 0-2-0-0, str., organ, choir, congregation

Carol-Fantasia: IRBY (Once in Royal David's City) (1998) Orchestra:
(2)-2-(1)-(1); 0-2-0-0, str., organ, choir, congregation

Ma'ariv Service for Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur (1999) Cantor, SATB a cappella

Arrangements for Worldwide Worship (Templeton Foundation Press, 2000): (All SATB w/optional keyboard & made in 2000 unless otherwise noted):

Elder Joseph Brackett: Simple Gifts (unis/kbd)
Visayan (Filipino) Folk: O, the Beauty in a Life (unis/kbd)
Beach Spring

Hazzan Hamid Dardashti: Mi She-asah Nisim (2000) 2-pt treble, Brass quartet, keyboard, bass, percussion

Carol Doran: Silence! Frenzied, Unclean Spirit (2000) SATB, organ, opt. timpani. Text by Thomas Troeger

Traditional Basque: The Angel Gabriel (2000) SSAA, S solo, harp. English text by Sabine Baring-Gould.
Version for SATB, Mz & T soli, harp (2001). Order from Sheet Music Plus

Carlon Young: Hymn-Fantasia: BEGINNINGS (2000) String quartet or orchestra, harp or piano, congregation

Hymn-Fantasia: PLEADING SAVIOR (2000) String quartet or orchestra, harp or piano, congregation

Hymn-Fantasia: BEACH SPRING (2000) String quartet or orchestra, harp or piano, congregation. Revised 2002 for Orchestra

Hymn-Fantasia: ELLACOMBE C.M.D. (2000) Woodwind quintet, harp or keyboard,

Hymn-Fantasia: MUNICH (2000) Woodwind quintet, congregation

Hymn-Fantasia: FOREST GREEN (2000) Orchestra, organ, congregation

Carol-Fantasia: SUSSEX CAROL (On Christmas Night All Christians Sing) (2000) Brass quintet (or sextet), Organ, Choir, Congregation

Hymn-Fantasia on KINGSFOLD (2001) SATB, congregation, 2 cl, 2 vln, vc, cb, kbd

CCW Sparks: ALL SOULS (2001) Unison/SATB/congregation/keyboard.

Traditional: Give Me Oil In My Lamp (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

CCW Sparks: LITANY Irr. (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

CCW Sparks: Hymn for the Feast Day of Julian of Norwich (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Text by Siofra Shaman Skye.

CCW Sparks: I Cannot Dance, O Love (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Text by Jean Wiebe Janzen.

MORNING SONG (2001) Unison/SATB/congregation/keyboard.

Mary Louise Bringle: IGNEE SPIRITUS (1998; arr. 2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

Hymn-Fantasia: CHRISTMAS C.M. w/Repeat (2001) Orchestra, Organ, Congregation

Hymn-Fantasia: REGENT SQUARE (2001) Orchestra, Organ, Congregation

Stephen Iverson: Your Way (2002) Congregation, kbd (2002)

Stephen Iverson: The Jesus Prayer (n.d.) Congregation, kbd (2003)

Stephen Iverson: Peace, Be Still (1998) Congregation, kbd (2003)

Stephen Iverson: Surely God is In This Place (1988) Congregation, kbd (2003)

Stephen Iverson: The Time Has Come (2002) Congregation, kbd (2003)

Traditional: Ki Hinei Kachomeir (2003) Cantor, SATB a cappella

Sholom Secunda: Zol Nokh Zayn Shabbes (2003; rev. 2004) SATB, cello, piano

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: The Time Draws Near (2003) SSAA, fl, hp, opt handbells

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: Nunc Gaudet Maria (2003) SSAA, hp, opt. hand drum

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: Hymn on the Nativity (2003) SSAT + ATBB, a cappella

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: In the Bleak Midwinter (2003) SATB div., A solo a cappella

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: Fezziwig's Ball (2003) SATB div. a cappella Click here to listen

Alfred Burt: Some Children See Him (2003) Junior choir, SATB, wind ensemble, harp

Stephen Iverson: May Every Word (2002); Congregation, kbd (2004)

Shlomo Carlebach: Pit'chu li (2004) Cantor, SATB, organ

Anonymous: Od'cha ki anitani (2004) Cantor, SATB, organ

Israel Alter: Ana Adonai (2004) Cantor, SATB, organ

att. Yossele Rosenblatt: Tal (2004) Cantor, SATB a cappella

Brian J. Mayer: B'tzeit yisrael (Psalm 114; Part I) (1986) Cantor, TTBB a capp; (arr. RAMR 2004) Cantor, SATB, optional keyboard

Samuel Weisser: Ma l'cha hayam (Psalm 114; Part II) (2004) Cantor, SATB, opt keyboard

Ki K'shimkha (from Baer Ba’al t’fillah) (2004) Cantor, SATB, organ

Kaddish Shalem for Hallel (from Baer Ba'al T'fillah) (2005) Cantor, SATB, organ

Hymn-Fantasia on ST. COLUMBA (2005) SAB, congregation, brass quartet, organ.
Commissioned by Molly Mahoney and St. Luke's RC Church, Glenside, PA

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: The Chester Processional (1987); SSAA a capp (2005)

Louis Lewandowski: Kol Nidrei (2005) Cantor, SATB, organ

Hazzan Howard Glantz: L'dor vador (1994; arr. RAMR 2005) Cantor, SATB, organ
Version for Cantor, TB a cappella (2008).

Howard K. Glantz: M’chalkel chayim (1994; arr. RAMR 2005) Cantor, SATB, kbd.
Version for Cantor, TB a cappella (2008)

Howard K. Glantz: Sarnu mimitzvotecha (2005; arr. RAMR 2005) Cantor, SATB, org

(As sung by Howard K. Glantz): Yimlokh for Sh'losh R'golim (2005) Cantor, SATB, org

English trad.: The Boar's Head Carol (2005) TTBB div. a capp

Wexford Carol (2005) Baritone solo, SSAA, harp or piano

Sephardic Melody: Amen Shem Nora (kbd. arr. Matthew Lazar); (2006) for SATB; (2010) for TTBB

Elder Joseph Brackett: Simple Gifts (2006) SAB a capp

Stephen Freedman: Asrei Ish (2006; acc. Joseph Myerov 2006); version for Cantor, SATB by RAMR (2006)

Stephen Freedman: Yosheiv B'seiter Elyon (2006; acc. Joseph Myerov 2006); version for Cantor, SATB by RAMR (2006)

Stephen Freedman: Esa Enai (2005; acc. Stephen T. Martorella 2005); version for Cantor, SATB, pno (2006)

Samuel Rosenbaum: Ki Hinei Kachomeir (2005) Cantor, SATB, opt org

Shabbat Unplugged (Friday Evening Service) (2006) Cantor, SATB, SATB “VoCombo” (a cappella) or piano/guitar/bass/kit
L'chu N'ran'nah (Chassidic?)
M. Ben David: Or Zarua
Yism’chu hashamayim
Yiram hayam/Teivel v'yoshvei vah
Sephardic: Mizmor l'David (Psalm 29)
Lewandowski: Tzaddik katamar (from Tov l'hodot)
Eric Mandell/Solomon Sulzer: Ahavat Olam/Sh'ma Yisrael
Mi Chamocha/V’ne'emar
Lewandowski: Vay'chulu
Israel Goldfarb: Magein Avot
Hazzan Hamid Dardashti: Adon Olam (2005)

Various sources/Charles Davidson: Bar’chu/Birkat Ha-shachar/Hakol Yodukha (2006) Cantor, SATB, org (Shabbat and Festival Versions)

L’eil orech din (as heard from Howard K. Glantz) (2006) Cantor, SATB, org

Nusach: Hirshanu (2006) Cantor, org

Alberto Mizrahi & Craig Taubman: Chatzi Kaddish Cantor, SATB a capp; (2006/rev. 2012) Cantor, SATB, org; (2010) Cantor, TBB a capp

Charles Davidson: Ana Dodi (arr. 2007) Cantor, SATB, kbd

Abraham W. Binder: Shabes Shalosh S'udos (2007) S & Bar soli, SATB div, piano

att. Ben Zion Shenker: Psalm 23 (2007) S solo, SATB, piano

Adolph Katchko & Howard K. Glantz: Ein Kitz’vah (arr. 2007) Cantor, SATB, org

Alexander Olshanetsky: Vilne (2007) S solo, TTBB, piano

Shlomo Kacherginsky: Itzik Vitnberg (2007) B solo, TTBB, piano

Abraham Brudno: Unter Dayne Vayse Shtern (2007) S solo, TTBB, piano

Vakht Oyf! (Medley of Yiddish Workers’ Songs) (2007) SAB soli, SATB, piano, bass, drum kit

Gustav Holst: In the Bleak Midwinter (2007) ATBB a capp

Manischewitz Matzo Radio Commercial (2008) SATB, piano. Text in Yiddish

Manischewitz Wine Radio Commercial (2008) SATB, piano. Text in Yiddish

Ajax Radio Commercial (2008) T solo, TTBB, piano. Text in Yiddish

Barbasol Radio Commercial (2008) T solo, TTBB, piano. Text in Yiddish
(From transcriptions by Pamela Hitchcock [2008])

Sholom Secunda: Khazonim Af Probe (2008) TBarB soli, actors, SATB, piano. Script transcription and dramaturgy by Pamela Hitchcock

Linda Hirschhorn: Al Naharot Bavel
(2008) SSAA a capp; (arr. RAMR 2008) SATB a capp

Charles Osborne (after Shlomo Carlebach): Chatzi Kaddish
(2008) Cantor, TBB a capp

Congregation Adath Jeshurun 150th Anniversary Service of Rededication
Orchestrations by Charles Davidson (1983)
Revised, corrected, expanded, & with new orchestrations by RAMR (2008)
Note: Not all pieces have composer attributions

Lewandowski: Ma Tovu (in F)
Ashrei (Psalm 145 opening/conclusion)
Nishmat kol chai
Mi yidmeh lach through Chatzi Kaddish
Bar'chu—Birkat haShachar—Charles Davidson: Hakol yoducha
Charles Davidson: Eil Adon
Nusach & Howard K. Glantz: LaEil Asher Shavat to K'dusha d'yeshiva
Titbarach—Or chadash—Charles Davidson: Ahavah rabbah
Ahava Rabba (Part II)—Sh'ma
Torah trop: V'ahavtah
(with additional transcriptions by Pamela Hitchcock)
Abraham Binder: Mi Chamocha
Charles Davidson: Tsur Yisrael
Nusach/Max Wohlberg: Shacharit Avot-G'vurot
Charles Davidson (after Nusach & Max Wohlberg): Shacharit K'dushah/L’dor vador
Ernest Bloch: Yih'yu l'ratzon

Kaddish Shalem
Festival Torah Service (Part I): Ein Kamokha—Dunajewsky: Av harachamim—Kuma Adonai—Ki mi tziyon
Festival Torah Service (Part II): Sh’ma—L'kha—Howard K. Glantz: Rom'mu—V'zot
Hodo al eretz—Psalm 29—Lewandowski: S'u Sh'arim
Etz Chayim—Lewandowski: Hashiveinu
Lewandowski: K'dushah—Howard K. Glantz: L'dor vador
Charles Davidson: Birkat Kohanim
Max Janowski: Sim Shalom
att. Koussevitsky & Rosenblatt; arr. H. Zales: Chassidic Kaddish

Charles Davidson: Psalm 150 (2008) SATB div, org (Orchestrated for Congregation Adath Jeshurun's 150th Anniversary Service of Re-dedication)
For Orchestra (1-1-1-1 1-1-1-0 T, perc [2], str) (2008)
For Piano 1 X 4 (2010)
For Symphony Orchestra (2-2+1-2+1-2 2-2-3-1 T, perc [2], str) (2010)

Meir Finkelstein: Adon Olam (2009) Cantor, TBB a capp

Samuel Mombach: Hodo al eretz (2009) Cantor, TBB a capp

Joseph Davis/after Solomon Sulzer: Etz chayim/Hashiveinu (2009/10) Cantor, TBB a capp

Howard K. Glantz: Ahavat Olam (2009; arr. 2009) Cantor, SATB, kbd

Howard K. Glantz: Retzei for HH Shabbat Ma’ariv (2009; arr. 2009) Cantor, SATB, org

Israel Goldfarb: Magein Avot (2009) Cantor, SATB, org

Howard K. Glantz: Adon Olam (2009; arr. 2010) Cantor, TBB a capp; (2012) Version for Cantor, SATBB a capp

Franz Gruber: Silent Night (in variis linguis) (2009) SATB a cappella. Texts in French, Spanish & English

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: Now All is Well (1983; arr. 2009) SATB, fl, hp

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: Proface! (1993; arr. 2009) SATB div a capp

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: The Star Song (1991; arr. 2009) S solo, SATB div, hp

Lesley Hopwood Meyer: Sun of Righteousness (1988; arr. 2009) TTBB, fl, hp

Meir Finkelstein: L'Dor Vador (arr. RAMR 2010) Cantor, TBB a capp

Monteverdi: Toccata from Orfeo (2010) Orchestra

Monteverdi: Intonatio from Vespers 1610 (2010) SSATTB, orchestra

Giacomo Puccini: Requiem (1905; arr. RAMR 2010) S(A)TB, 2 cl, org., str

Hymn-Fantasia on Adeste Fideles
(2010) SATB, WW5tet, timpani (3), piano
(Commissioned by Sedge Garden Methodist Church, SC)

Hymn-Fantasia on Regent Square
(2010) SATB, WW5tet, timpani (3), piano
(Commissioned by Sedge Garden Methodist Church, SC)

Robbie Solomon: Leaving Mother Russia (1985; arr. RAMR 2010) Bar. solo, cl, piano. Commissioned by Hazzan Howard Glantz

John Ferguson: St. John Passion (orch. RAMR 2011) SATB, WW5tet, timpani (3), perc, vc, cb
(Commissioned by Sedge Garden Methodist Church, SC)

Isaac Heymann: K'dusha Na'aritz'cha (2011) Cantor, TTBB a capp

Howard K. Glantz: Vay'chulu (2010; arr. RAMR 2011) Cantor, SATB, kbd

Yoseph Gross/acc. David Propis: Ani Ma'amin (arr. RAMR 2011) Bar. solo, vln, piano, bass, drum kit.
Commissioned by Hazzan Howard Glantz

Shabbat Torah Service (Part I): Sulzer: Ein Kamokha—Dunajewsky: Av harachamim—Sulzer: Kuma Adonai—Ki mi tziyon. Arr. for Cantor, SAA a capp (2011)

Shabbat Torah Service (Part II): Sh’ma—L'kha—Rom'mu—V'zot arr. for Cantor, SAA a capp (2011)

Hymn-Fantasia on Londonderry Air
(2012) Choir/congregation (unis.), Brass 5tet, organ
(Commissioned by University Congregational UCC Church, MT)


Ives: As Pants the Hart
(Psalm 42) (1982) T or S solo, SATB, Organ (first critical edition of this work)

Israel Kaminsky: L'Chu N'ran'nah
(for S'lichot) (1983) Cantor (T), SATB, Organ ad lib.

Desprez: Salve Regina (1984) SATB a cappella

Schuetz: Sei Gegrueset, Maria (1985; rev. 1992) ST (or SA) soli, SSATB, 2-5 Instruments, Continuo

Bach: Cantata BWV 118 (O Jesu Christ, Meins Lebens Licht) (1986) SATB, 2 Bb Clarinets, Organ (or Wind Ensemble or Strings)

Schuetz: Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland
(from KGK; SWV 301) (1987) SATB, Continuo

Mozart: Alleluia from Veni Sancte Spiritus, KV 47 (1988) SATB, Keyboard

F. J. Haydn/J. Michael Haydn: Gloria in Excelsis (from Missa Brevis Sancti Joannes de Deo) (1988) SATB, Keyboard or Chamber Orchestra (2 Trumpets, 2 Violins, Continuo)

Mozart: God Is Our Refuge (1991) SATB a cappella

Mozart: Quaerite Primum (1991) SATB a cappella

Ives: Psalm 67 (1992) SSAATTBB a cappella (provisional critical edition)

att. Mozart: Cibavit Eos (1996) SATB a cappella

Desprez: Ave Maria/Virgo Serena (1997) S(S)AT(T)B a cappella. Edition combines four-voice and six-voice versions of this motet

Leo Low: Sisu V'simchu (1997) SATB, keyboard

Victoria: Missa O Magnum Mysterium (1997) S(S)ATB a cappella

Francis Piggott: I Was Glad (1997) SATB, continuo

From the Bay Psalm Book, 9th Edition (1698) (realizations and arrangements, all a cappella, 1998):
Oxford (SATB, solo)
Low Dutch (Canterbury) (SSATTB, solo)
Windsor (SATB, 2 soli)
St. Davids (SSATTB, solo)
Hackney (SATB, solo)
Psalm 100/1st Meter (SSATTB, solo)

John Blow: Bring Unto the Lord
(1998) SS soli, SATB, continuo

John Blow: O Lord God of My Salvation (1998) SSAATTBB a cappella or w/continuo

Jeremiah Clarke: Thanksgiving Anthem (1998) (S)ATB soli, SATB, continuo

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Domine ad Adjuvandum (2000) S solo, SSATB, 2 ob, 2 hn, str, continuo (provisional critical edition)

Henrietta Morgan, arr.: Motherless Child (2000) SSAA, S solo, a cappella (editing & alternative ending)

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Confitebor (2002) S solo, SATB, str, continuo
(performing edition)

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Laudate Pueri (2002) S solo, SSATB, 2 ob, 2 trpt, 2 hn, str, continuo (provisional critical edition from autograph)

Giacomo Carissimi: Agnus Dei (2003) (from Messa a 3 voci) SAB, continuo

Daniel Read: Sherburne (2004) SSATTB a cappella

Elkanah Kelsay Dare: Wilmington (2004) SSATTBB a cappella

William Billings: Judea (1778) (2005) SSATTBB a capp

Eliezer Gerovitch: Adon Olam (2005) Cantor, SATB, opt. kbd

Samuel Naumbourg: Psaume 100 (2005) Baritone solo, SATB, hp, org

Herman Wohl: Hayom Harat Olam (w/Howard K. Glantz) (2006) Cantor, SATB opt. kbd

Birkat Kohanim for Yom Kippur arr. Gershon Ephros (2006) Cantor, SATB a capp

A. Dunajewski: Magein Avot (1889; ed. & arr. 2006) Cantor, SATB, org

Solomon Sulzer: Torah Service (partial) (2007) Cantor, SATB, kbd

Beethoven: Elegischer Gesang, Op. 118 (2009) SATB, string quartet or orchestra

Johannes Brahms: Täublein weiß (2010) SATB a capp

Light Works
(including both original works and arrangements)

Grow Till We Know (1978) Hymn for Unison (optional SATB) and Piano. Commissioned by TAB Magazine (published by the American Baptist Churches, USA) and published in
their January, 1979 issue. Lyrics by Milt Ryder.

I Need the Church (1980) Hymn for Unison, Piano. Lyrics by Milt Ryder.

Round-O! (1984) Canon 4-in-1 for any combination of voices. Text by Robert Ross, for the retirement of Dr. Jesse Zerr. Revised versions 1990 (for the retirement of Dr. B. Stimson Carrow);2001 (for the retirement of Gail B. Poch); 2004 (for the retirement of Cantor Charles Davidson)

Coleman: You There in the Back Row (1986) A or T solo, SATB div, Piano, Bass, Drum Kit

Tracy: Spirit Song (1988) SATxB* a cappella

Brubeck: Blue Rondo a la Christmas (1988) adaptaion of Blue Rondo a la Turk for SATB, combo. Lyrics by Kathy Strauss; additional lyrics by Robert Ross

The Bible Is a Story Book (1989) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Written during worship service on an overhead transparency using lyrics written by the Elementary Sunday School Class of Central Baptist Church, Wayne, PA

The Season for a Gift (1989) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Lyrics by Stephen D. Jones.

Ellington: Hit Me With a Hot Note (1989) SATxB* a cappella. Lyrics by Don George.

Carmichael: Heart and Soul (and then some. . .) (1989) SATxB* a cappella. Lyrics by Frank Loesser.

Akst: Am I Blue? (1989) SATB a cappella. Lyrics by Grant Clarke. Arr. with Joel Hess; Joe Piccoli & CCW Sparks.

Richard Rodgers: Sing For Your Supper (1994) SATB a cappella

Harold Arlen: Get Happy (1995) SATB div, Keyboard, opt. combo

Frank Loesser: Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition (1996) SATB, piano.
Reconstructed 2011 for solo, SATB, piano

Brooks & Warren: That's Amore! (1998) TTBB a cappella (Barbershop)

Gordon & Warren: Chattanooga Choo-choo (1998) TTBB a cappella (ala Doo-Wop)

*Note: SATxB denotes a four-part arrangement having a bass line ranging through several octaves and requiring flexibility a la Bobby McFerrin; hence, "extended bass" or "xB."