original women’s choral works

Missa Brevis (1976) T solo, SA, Organ Kyrie; Gloria; Sanctus; Agnus Dei

The Flower of Mending (1977, rev. 1978) S solo, SSAA a cappella. Text by Vachel Lindsay.

Ubi Caritas (1981, rev. 1983) Canon 4 in 1 for any combination of voices

Behold My Servant (1983) 2-Part Equal or Mixed Choir, Organ. Text: Isaiah 42:1, 10.

I Know My Own (1988) Hymn for Unison with Guitar or Keyboard. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

Urbs Aeterna + refrain (1988) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard.
Text: Jerusalem, the Promise by Stephen D. Jones.

God's Design in Human Spaces (1989) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

Psalm of Covenance (1989) Cantor, Congregation, Organ. Various Scriptural texts.

MANNA NEW with refrain (1992) Hymn for Unison voices, Keyboard. Text: Seven is Sufficient by Fred Kaan (1968).

Gradual: LOCUS ISTE (2000) Unis/2-pt, brass quartet, organ. Text from Book of Common Prayer.

HASTING + Refrain (2000) Hymn or Canon 4 in 1; opt. keyboard/congregation.

LEONI HADASH (2000/01) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

Ave Verum (2000/01) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Text by Beverly Easterling.

BEATITUDE Irr. (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

BANQUET CELESTE (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

ALLERSEELEN (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

We Stand Within the Circle (2001) Hymn or Canon 4 in 1, opt acc. Text by Beverly Easterling.

PANIS VITÆ (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

HOLY WEEK (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

ORDINATION (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

ALABASTER 8.8.7.D. (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation. Anthem versions (2001) SATB, 2 flutes (or violins), keyboard, cello/bass; SSAA, 2 flutes (or violins), keyboard, cello/bass. Text by Susan Palo Cherwien.

The Fallen Woman (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Text by Esta Cassway, after Kassia (8th C.; in translation by CCW Sparks).

Magnificat (2002) Canon 4 in 1 for equal or mixed voices. Text: Luke 1: 46.

Lady Music Speaks (2003) Unis./Descant (equal or mixed voices), piano. Text: Frau Musica by Martin Luther; trans. Carl Schalk; alt. RAMR

O Sacrum Convivium (2003) SA, organ. Text from the Liber Usualis (Feast of Corpus Christi).