original sacred choral works

Ye Men of Vision (1971, rev. 1983) Mz solo, SATB, Brass Quintet, Organ. Text by Carl Oxholm, III.

May the Words (1973) SATB a cappella.

Psalm 100 (1974) SB soli, SATB, Brass Ensemble, Organ (withdrawn)

Communion Service in C (Rite II) (1974) Unison, Organ
Kyrie; Gloria; Sanctus; Agnus Dei; Doxology; Acclamation; The Lord's Prayer

Penitence and Jubilation (cantata) (1974) S solo, SATB, Brass Ensemble, 2 Pianos, Tympani, Percussion (4). Text from Psalms 51 and 47.

A Mystical Song (1975) B solo, SATB, Organ

Psalm 23 (1975) SMzTB soli, SATB, Organ (alternate soli MzTTB)

Hineh Mah Tov #1 (1975) SATBB a cappella. Text: Psalm 133:1.

Etz Chayim/Hashivenu (1976) SATBB a cappella or with Organ. Text from the Hebrew liturgy.

Four Solemn Fanfares (1976) Brass Ensemble, Tympani

Missa Brevis (1976) T solo, SA, Organ Kyrie; Gloria; Sanctus; Agnus Dei

Anglican Mass on Gregorian Themes (Rite I) (1976) SATB, Organ
Kyrie; Sanctus; Agnus Dei; Gloria

Baptism Chorale (1977) SATB a cappella. Text: Matthew 28:18-20.

Hodie Christus Natus Est (1977; rev. 1996) Unison Treble Chorus, SATB, Brass Quartet (or Piano or Organ), String Bass, Drums ad lib.

Three Shofar Blessings (1977) SAATB, Organ. Texts from the Reform liturgy for Rosh Hashanah.

Crossing the Bar (1978) SATB, Organ. Text by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Glory to God (1978) SAB, Brass Quintet, Percussion (2). Text, Luke 2:13-15. Revised 1999 for SATB, same instrumentation.

Tuba Mirum/Shofar Shel Yeshua (Sinfonia Sacra) (1979) Brass Quartet and Organ.
Honorable Mention, 1979 McCollum Competition/Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia.

Treasures (1979) SATB, Piano, String Bass, Percussion (1). Text: Matthew 6:19-21.

BOUNTY (1981-82) Hymn anthem for SATB, Congregation, Organ. Hymn for Unison, Organ. Text: Now Join We to Praise the Creator by Fred Kaan.

Ubi Caritas (1981, rev. 1983) Canon 4 in 1 for any combination of voices

Behold My Servant (1981) SATB, Congregation, Organ (optional Brass and Percussion Ensemble).Text from Ecclesiasticus and Isaiah; incorporating Lasst Uns Erfreuen. Transcribed for TTBB, 1982.

Images of Christmas (1981) Children (SA), SATB, Keyboard. Text by Irene Jennings.

Hineh Mah Tov #2 (1982) SATB a cappella. Text: Psalm 133:1.

We are God's People (1982) SATB, Organ. Adapted from Psalm 100 (1974).

Psalm 100: Hariu L’Adonai (1982) TTBB soli, TTBB, Organ
First Prize Winner, Phi Mu Alpha National Composer's Competition/James Madison
University, 1983. Adapted from Psalm 100 (1974).

Blessed Is the Nation (1983) SATB, Organ. Text: Psalm 33:12, 22.

Behold My Servant (1983) 2-Part Equal or Mixed Choir, Organ. Text: Isaiah 42:1, 10.

Hosanna to the Son of David (1984) SATB a cappella. Text: Luke 20:38.

In the Beginning Was the Word (1984) SATB, Organ. Text: John 1:1, 4.

Missa Brevis #2 “For Troubled Times” (1984) TB soli, TTBB, Organ. Versions in English and Latin. Kyrie; Gloria; Sanctus; Agnus Dei; Kyrie alt.; Agnus Dei alt. (alternate movements transcribed from Missa Brevis [1976])

The Spirit and the Bride (1984) SATB a cappella or with Organ. Text: Revelation 22:10.

Welcome to the Feast (1985) SATB/descant, Piano or Organ, opt. Congregation. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

The Living Stone (1986) Hymn for Unison/Descant, Keyboard, optional Bass and Drums. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

We Would Be True (1986) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Text by Stephen D. Jones. Alternate texts: God Is a Fire; Christ is the Bond; both by Stephen D. Jones.

Litany of Celebration (1986) SB soli, SATB, Organ. Text by Aiden Clark.

EAST FALLS (1986-87) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard; Hymn Anthem for SATB, Congregation, Organ. Text: Have Thine Own Way, Lord by Adelaide A. Pollard;
adapted by Stephen D. Jones.

VIA LUCIS (1987) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard; Hymn Anthem for SATB, Flute, Organ.
Text: A Journey of Faith by Stephen D. Jones.

COLUMNA S.M. (1987) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Text: Have Faith in God, My Heart by Byron Rees; alt. Stephen D. Jones.

Song of Exile
(1988) Mz solo, SATB a cappella. Incorporating Motherless Child (traditional spiritual). Texts from Isaiah, Psalm 122.

I Know My Own (1988) Hymn for Unison with Guitar or Keyboard. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

URBS AETERNA + refrain (1988) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard.
Text: Jerusalem, the Promise by Stephen D. Jones.

De Profundis (1988) Baritone solo, piano. Text from Psalms 70, 51 and 131.

EMET S.M. (1988) Hymn tune for Unison or SATB, Keyboard

Antiphon for the Holy Spirit (1989) SATB div. a cappella. Text by St. Hildegard of Bingen.

God's Design in Human Spaces (1989) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

Psalm of Covenance (1989) Cantor, Congregation, Organ. Various Scriptural texts.

Bring Many Names (1990) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard; Hymn-Anthem (1996) for SATB, opt. Jr.Choir, Organ. Text by Brian Wren.

CARITAS (1990) Hymn Anthem for SATB, Keyboard. Text: Love Makes a Bridge by Brian Wren. Hymn rearranged 2000 for SATB/cong/kbd for publication in Worldwide
Worship (Templeton Foundation Press), 2000

TRANSIT (1990) Hymn Anthem for SATB, Keyboard. Text: Lord, When You Came to Jordan by Brian Wren.

SHUHAN with refrain (1990). Hymn for Unison/descant, Keyboard. Text: At the Table of the World by Brian Wren. Commissioned by the American Baptist National Seminarians’ Conference, Green Lake, WI, October 1990.

Who Helps You Sing Your Heart-Song? (1990) Ballad-Anthem for Advent. SATB, String Quartet or organ; Harp or Piano. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

A Woman in the Crowd (1991) SATB a cappella. Text by Brian Wren.

Is This a Day of New Beginnings? (Hymn-Anthem on COVENANT NEW (1992) SATB, cong., organ. Text by Brian Wren.

MANNA NEW with refrain (1992) Hymn for Unison voices, Keyboard. Text: Seven is Sufficient by Fred Kaan (1968).

They Saw You...They Did Not See (Hymn-Anthem on HIDDEN LIGHT (1992) SATB, organ. Text by Anders Frostenson, trans. Fred Kaan.

It’s Jesus We Want (Hymn-Anthem based on URBS AETERNA) (1992) SATB, organ. Text by Anders Frostenson, trans. Fred Kaan.

The Rape of the Land (1992) SATB, organ. Text by Fred Kaan. Based on Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland

God of Partnership and Love (Hymn-Anthem) (1993) SATB, cong., organ. Hymn version (1993) Unis., organ. Text by Stephen D. Jones and R.R.

Hymn to Earth (1993; rev. 1994) SATB, Flute (or Oboe), Clarinet, Harp (or Piano), Strings (or Organ). Text by Jim Miller.

Break Not the Circle (Hymn-Anthem on NEWBRIDGE (1994) SATB, organ. Text by Fred Kaan.

INNER STRENGTH (1995) Hymn for unison voices, keyboard. Text Come, Dare to Be All That You Are in Christ by Fred Kaan. Hymn-Anthem version (1995) SATB, cong.,organ.

What Child is This? (1995) SATB + SATB (solo quartet or semi-chorus) unaccompanied. Text by William Chatterton Dix.
Version II (1999) SSATTBB, audience/congregation unaccompanied
Grand Prize Winner (1 of 2) in “Welcome Christmas” competition jointly sponsored by Plymouth Music Series/VocalEssence (Minneapolis) and American Composers’ Forum
Version III (2000) S(S)AT(B)B, opt. kbd., opt. audience/congregation; orchestrated

Of All the Spirit’s Gifts to Me
(1996) SATB div., S solo unaccompanied. Text by Fred Pratt Green.

Meditation for Lent (1996; slightly rev. 2001) SATB div., Clarinet (or Cello or Viola), Organ. Text by Beatrice Howlett.

Hilariter (1996) SATB div., Brass sextet (0-3-2-1 [opt.]), opt. Timpani, Organ. Text: Kirchengesäng, Koln, 1623; tr. RAMR. Transcribed for Brass quartet, SATB div., opt. Timpani, Organ (2002)

The Ten Words
(1996) 2-pt mixed voices, organ, optional congregation. Text by Fred Kaan.

Pilgrimage (1997) SATB a cappella or accompanied. Text by Brian Wren.

The Wall Is Down (Hymn-Anthem on Berlin New (1997) SATB, organ, opt. congregation. Text by Fred Kaan.

Procession for Palm Sunday (1997) Jr. Choir, SATB, keyboard, opt. Percussion. Text by Fred Kaan.

Gloria Dei! (1999) SA(T)B, organ. Texts by Gene Sweeney
Song of Praise; Song of the Word; Song of Offering; Song of Communion
Commissioned by Gloria Dei/Old Swede’s Episcopal Church, Philadelphia PA, for the
church’s 300th Anniversary celebration May 21, 2000.

The Remnant Remaining (The Holy Seed) (1999) SATB div, keyboard
Text by Esta Cassway, after Isaiah 6: 9–13 (revised as Mvt. IV of Hear, O Heavens

NOCTURNE (2000) SATB/congregation/organ. Text “Hymn to the Night” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. For publication in Worldwide Worship (Templeton
Foundation Press), 2000

O God We Dare Not Ask (2000) (Hymn-Anthem on UNIFICATION SATB, keyboard, opt. congregation. Text by Fred Kaan

CLEARWAY (2000) SATB/congregation/organ. Text “Your Hand, O God, has Guided” by Edward Plumptre.

Prayer for the Earth (2000) SATB, wind ensemble (orig. scoring: 2 fl, 2 cl, 2 A. Sax, hp or kbd., vc), speakers, congregation, Text: Chinook Blessing Litany
Commissioned by the Ecology Mission Group of Central Baptist Church, Wayne, PA

Gradual: LOCUS ISTE (2000) Unis/2-pt, brass quartet, organ. Text from Book of Common Prayer.

HASTING + Refrain (2000) Hymn or Canon 4 in 1; opt. keyboard/congregation.

FOCUS (2000/01) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

TRINITY NEW (2000/01) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Anthem version: Lord God, Thy Sea is Mighty SATB, org (2005)

LEONI HADASH (2000/01) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

Ave Verum (2000/01) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Text by Beverly Easterling.

And God’s Name Shall Be One (2001) SATB (mostly 2-pt mixed), kbd, bass, drum kit. Text from Union Prayer Book, alt. Orchestration (2003) for 1-1-1-1, 0-0-0-0, kbd, bass, drum kit, str. (playable 1 on a part)

Hineh Mah Tov #3 (2001) Double canon 4 in 1 + 6 in 1. Text: Psalm 133:1

BEATITUDE Irr. (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

BANQUET CELESTE (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

ALLERSEELEN (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

We Stand Within the Circle (2001) Hymn or Canon 4 in 1, opt acc. Text by Beverly Easterling.

SOPHIA IGNIS (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

PANIS VITÆ (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

AQUAVITA C.M. (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

HOLY WEEK (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

ORDINATION (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

LIBERTAD (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

ALABASTER 8.8.7.D. (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation. Anthem versions (2001) SATB, 2 flutes (or violins), keyboard, cello/bass; SSAA, 2 flutes (or violins), keyboard, cello/bass. Text by Susan Palo Cherwien.

EMETH HADASH (2001) Unison/SATB/keyboard/congregation.

Most Glorious Lord of Lyfe! (2001) SATB div., brass sextet, organ. Text by Edmund Spenser.

The Fallen Woman (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Text by Esta Cassway, after Kassia (8th C.; in translation by CCW Sparks).

Psalm 51 (2001–02) SATB div., 11 solo strings (3-3-2-2-1) or string orchestra. Text: Psalm 51 (entire);14: 7; 38: 39–40 (in Hebrew) Commissioned by Choir Cantinovum, Jyväskylä Polytechnik Institut, Jyväskylä, Finland (Rita Varonen, conductor)

Hear, O Heavens (2002) Oratorio for Baritone & soprano soli, SATB div., piano, organ, double bass & percussion (1 player). Text by Esta Cassway, after selected passages from the Book of Isaiah. Commissioned by Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Elkins Park, PA, in honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Adath Jeshurun Choral Society

In Memoriam St. Birgitta (2002) SATB div., a cappella

O God, Where Shall I Find You? (2002) Introit for SATB div., a cappella. Text by Judah Halevi, trans. Charles Davidson.

Magnificat (2002) Canon 4 in 1 for equal or mixed voices. Text: Luke 1: 46.

Psalm 145 (2002) SATB div., Oboe (or Cl. or Vln. or Trpt.), Organ. Text: Psalms 145: 1, 9, 13–18, 20; 115: 18; Translated by Max D. Klein.

Lady Music Speaks (2003) Unis./Descant (equal or mixed voices), piano. Text: Frau Musica by Martin Luther; trans. Carl Schalk; alt. RAMR

O Sacrum Convivium (2003) SA, organ. Text from the Liber Usualis (Feast of Corpus Christi).

In My Father’s House (Sacred Symphony) (2003) Treb./SB soli, SATB, Fl., Cl., Vln., Vc,. Kbd, Congregation. Libretto by Esta Cassway after Luke 2: 40–52 and Mishnah Shabbat 6: 4a–e. Hymn text by Rev. Louis F. Benson. Incorporates Kingsfold and variants

CHRISTUS VINCIT NEW Irr. (2004) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Hymn-Fantasia (2004) for SATB, congregation, brass quintet, organ. Text by Shirley Erena Murray.

…to be humble…(working title) (2004) SATB + SATB, S. solo a cappella. Text: Psalm 133 entire (Hebrew and English); Nature (Henry David Thoreau) (Work-in-progress)