original men’s choral works

Ubi Caritas (1981, rev. 1983) Canon 4 in 1 for any combination of voices

Behold My Servant (1981) SATB, Congregation, Organ (optional Brass and Percussion Ensemble).Text from Ecclesiasticus and Isaiah; incorporating Lasst Uns Erfreuen. Transcribed for TTBB, 1982.

Psalm 100: Hariu L’Adonai (1982) TTBB soli, TTBB, Organ
First Prize Winner, Phi Mu Alpha National Composer's Competition/James Madison
University, 1983. Adapted from Psalm 100 (1974).

Behold My Servant (1983) 2-Part Equal or Mixed Choir, Organ. Text: Isaiah 42:1, 10.

Missa Brevis #2 “For Troubled Times” (1984) TB soli, TTBB, Organ. Versions in English and Latin. Kyrie; Gloria; Sanctus; Agnus Dei; Kyrie alt.; Agnus Dei alt. (alternate movements transcribed from Missa Brevis [1976])

The Living Stone (1986) Hymn for Unison/Descant, Keyboard, optional Bass and Drums. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

We Would Be True (1986) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Text by Stephen D. Jones.
Alternate texts: God Is a Fire ; Christ is the Bond; both by Stephen D. Jones.

COLUMNA S.M. (1987) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Text: Have Faith in God, My Heart by Byron Rees; alt. Stephen D. Jones.

I Know My Own (1988) Hymn for Unison with Guitar or Keyboard. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

God's Design in Human Spaces (1989) Hymn for Unison, Keyboard. Text by Stephen D. Jones.

Psalm of Covenance (1989) Cantor, Congregation, Organ. Various Scriptural texts.

To Orpheus (1990; completed 1997) Cantata for T solo, TTBB chorus, Brass Ensemble (2-3-3-1), Harp, Percussion (2). Texts from Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke (in German).

Sinfonian Motto (Fanfare) (1995) TTBB a cappella. Text: Motto of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Fraternity of America.

At Parting (1996) TTBB a cappella. Text by Frederic Peterson.

Idyll (1997) TTBB a cappella. Text by Omar Khayyam; trans. Edward Fitzgerald.

Gradual: LOCUS ISTE (2000) Unis/2-pt, brass quartet, organ. Text from Book of Common Prayer.

HASTING + Refrain (2000) Hymn or Canon 4 in 1; opt. keyboard/congregation.

LEONI HADASH (2000/01) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

Ave Verum (2000/01) Unison/congregation, keyboard. Text by Beverly Easterling.

BEATITUDE Irr. (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

We Stand Within the Circle (2001) Hymn or Canon 4 in 1, opt acc. Text by Beverly Easterling.

PANIS VITÆ (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

HOLY WEEK (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

ORDINATION (2001) Unison/congregation, keyboard.

Magnificat (2002) Canon 4 in 1 for equal or mixed voices. Text: Luke 1: 46.

Lady Music Speaks (2003) Unis./Descant (equal or mixed voices), piano. Text: Frau Musica by Martin Luther; trans. Carl Schalk; alt. RAMR