original instrumental works

Preludium (1972) Percussion Quartet.

Rondo Scherzando (1975) Cello and piano. (Incorporated as Movement #3 of Sonata, 1977)

Four Solemn Fanfares (1976) Brass Ensemble (0-3-2-1), tympani.

Pastorale: The Aesthetic Flame (1976) Harp solo.

Ricercar on the 13th Tone (1977) Brass sextet. Transcribed for brass quintet (1997).

Sonata (1977) Cello and piano.

Tuba Mirum/Shofar Shel Yeshua (Sinfonia Sacra) (1979) Brass quartet and organ.
Honorable Mention, 1979 McCollum Competition/Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia.

Symphony: Hyperspace/The Unknown Region (after Walt Whitman) (1979-80) String Orchestra,Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra and Organ.

Gridlock (1984) 8 Mallet Instruments (or four Mallet Instruments and two Pianos [four players, one hand each]), Tubular Chimes, Electronic Organ (sketches only)

Centennial Fanfare (1997) Brass ensemble (2-3-3-Euph.-1), percussion (3).
Based on 7 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity songs

Resurrexit Sicut Dixit (2007) Brass quartet, timpani, organ.
Commissioned by St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia (Old City)

The Gift (2010) Orchestra
Commissioned by Community College of Philadelphia--Channel 53 for annual scholarship campaign webmercial.

Winter Images/Winter Memories (2011) Orchestral version of Images of Christmas; transcription & arrangement for Community College of Philadelphia E-card 2011.