original Jewish choral works

May the Words (1973) SATB a cappella.

Psalm 23 (1975) SMzTB soli, SATB, organ (alternate soli MzTTB). Text: Psalm 23 entire in English.

Hinei ma tov #1 (1975) SATBB a cappella. Text: Psalm 133:1.

Etz Chayim/Hashivenu (1976) SATBB a cappella or with organ. Hebrew text from Torah service conclusion.

The Fire and the Mountains (Ha-esh v'heharim) (cantata) (1977) SMzTBarB soli, Children (SSAA), SATB, Large Orchestra. Hebrew libretto by Israel Eliraz.

Three Shofar Blessings (1977) SAATB, Organ. Texts from the Reform liturgy for Rosh Hashanah.

Hinei ma tov #2 (1982;
rev. 2005; 2nd rev. 2007) SATB a cappella. Text: Psalm 133.1 (in Hebrew).

Psalm 100: Hariu L'Adonai (1982) TTBB soli, TTBB, organ.
First Prize Winner, 1983 Phi Mu Alpha National Composer's Competition/James Madison University. Adapted from Psalm 100 (1974). Text: Psalm 100 entire in Hebrew.

Song of Exile (1988) Mz solo, SATB a cappella. Incorporating Motherless Child (traditional spiritual). Texts from Isaiah, Psalm 122.

The Remnant Remaining (The Holy Seed) (1999) SATB div., keyboard.
Text by Esta Cassway, after Isaiah 6: 9-13
Revised as Mvt. IV of Hear, O Heavens (2002)

And God's Name Shall Be One (2001) SATB (mostly 2-pt mixed), kbd, bass, drum kit. Text from Union Prayer Book, alt.
Orchestration (2003) for 1-1-1-1, 0-0-0-0, kbd, bass, drum kit, str. (playable 1 on a part)

Hinei ma tov #3 (2001) Double canon 4-in-1 + 6-in-1. Text: Psalm 133:1

Psalm 51 (2001-02) SATB div., 11 solo strings (3-3-2-2-1) or string orchestra. Text: Psalm 51 (entire); 14:7; 38:39-40 (in Hebrew)
Commissioned by Choir Cantinovum, Jyvaskyla Polytechnik Institut, Jyvaskyla, Finland (Rita Varonen, conductor)

Hear, O Heavens (2002) Oratorio for Baritone & Soprano soli, SATB div., piano, organ, double bass & percussion (1 player). Text by Esta Cassway, after selected passages from the Book of Isaiah.
Commissioned by Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Elkins Park, PA, in honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Adath Jeshurun Choral Society

O God, Where Shall I Find You? (2002) Introit for SATB div., a cappella. Text by Judah Halevi, trans. Charles Davidson.

Psalm 145 (2002) SATB div., Oboe (or Cl. or Vln. or Trpt.), Organ. Text: Psalms 145: 1, 9, 13–18, 20; 115: 18; Translated by Max D. Klein.

Of Nature and Humility (2004; rev. 2006; 2nd rev. 2011) S. solo, SATB + SATB, a cappella. Text: Psalm 131 entire (Hebrew and English); Nature (Henry David Thoreau).

Psalm 131 (2004; rev. 2006) S or T solo, SATB div a cappella. Text: Psalm 131 entire (Hebrew and English)

L'chu N'ran'nah (S'lichot/Yom Kippur) (2005) Cantor (T or S), SATB, opt. keyboard.
Rev. for Baritone cantor 2006
(2010 Concert Selection by Shalshelet Foundation)

Psalm 133 (after Hinei ma tov #2 1982; rev. 2005; completed 2010) SATB div, T or S solo, a cappella. Text: Psalm 133 entire (in Hebrew)

Psalm 29 (2011) Cantor, TTBB (mostly unison) a cappella. Text: Psalm 29 entire (in Hebrew) (Work-in-progress)

Yih'yu l'ratzon/Oseh shalom (2011) TTBB a cappella (Hebrew text)

Ana Adonai (Rosh Hashanah) (2011) Cantor (Bar.), SATB, organ (Hebrew Text--Paraphrase of Achot K'tanah by Abraham Hazan Gerondi--by? compiled by? Rabbi Max. D. Klein?)