original secular choral works

My Mistress’ Eyes (1971) SATB a cappella. Text by William Shakespeare.

Cloud (1972) SATB a cappella. Text by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Departmental (1973, rev. 1984; 2nd revision 1994) S solo, SATB, Piano Four Hands. Text by Robert Frost.

The Cloths of Heaven (1974) TB soli, SATB, Flute. Text by William Butler Yeats.

Blue Hills (1975) SATB, Piano. Text by C. G. Whiting.

Five Choral Miniatures from The Well-Tempered Larynx (1976) SATB a cappella
He Who Knows; He Who Hath Glory Lost (James Joyce); Epithalamium #5 (James Agee); Across the Fields (text by Hermann Hesse); The First Dandelion (Walt Whitman)

Soundpieces and Songpieces (1976) Voices (with instruments in #'s 4 and 6) day/minute/second: 1; meltings I; meltings II; syllabs; three chants for gregory; pentacanonato

The Flower of Mending (1977, rev. 1978) S solo, SSAA a cappella. Text by Vachel Lindsay.

The Fire and the Mountains (Ha-esh v'hehareem) (cantata) (1977) SMzTBarB soli, Children (SSAA), SATB, Large Orchestra. Text (in Hebrew) by Israel Eliraz.

A Shakespearian Fancy (1982) SSATTBarB soli, SATB, Chamber Orchestra. Texts from A
Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.

Memoir of a Populous City (1985) MzBar soli, SATB, Chamber Orchestra (1-0-1-1-0-0-0-0, pno, str). Texts by Walt Whitman and others.Commissioned by the Pro Arte Chorale of the Main Line, Marjorie Stancke, director.

To Orpheus (1990; completed 1997) Cantata for T solo, TTBB chorus, Brass Ensemble (2-3-3-1), Harp, Percussion (2). Texts from Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke (in German).

Hymn to Earth (1993; rev. 1994) SATB, Flute (or Oboe), Clarinet, Harp (or Piano), Strings (or Organ). Text by Jim Miller.

At Parting (1996) TTBB a cappella. Text by Frederic Peterson.

Idyll (1997) TTBB a cappella. Text by Omar Khayyam; trans. Edward Fitzgerald.

var-dev-at-ons (1997) SATB a cappella. Text: Opening the Cage: 14 Variations on 14 Words of John Cage by Edwin Morgan

Of Arts and Elements (1998) SATB div., 3 trpts., perc. (2+ players), pno., str. Libretto by Charles W. Crawford Commissioned by Radnor Township Educational Foundation for Francine Christy and the Meistersingers of Radnor High School for the dedication of their new Auditorium/Performing Arts Complex June 3, 1999.

Prayer for the Earth (2000) SATB, wind ensemble (orig. scoring: 2 fl, 2 cl, 2 A. Sax, hp or kbd., vc), speakers, congregation, Text: Chinook Blessing Litany
Commissioned by the Ecology Mission Group of Central Baptist Church, Wayne, PA

Lady Music Speaks (2003) Unis./Descant (equal or mixed voices), piano. Text: Frau Musica by Martin Luther; trans. Carl Schalk; alt. RAMR

…to be humble…(working title) (2004) SATB + SATB, S. solo a cappella. Text: Psalm 133 entire(Hebrew and English); Nature (Henry David Thoreau) (Work-in-progress)